About Slime Music

Welcome to the Slime Music booking agency official page.

Our agency is hosted in Moscow, Russia. It was formed on March,10, 2005.


Since that times we organised more than 1300 live shows, concerts and festivals in Russia and CIS. We worked and collaborated with more than 2330 artists, bands, producers and projects from Worldwide.

Slime Music works in different genres, such as alternative rock, alt.metal, metalcore, deathcore, progressive metal, trancecore, punk rock, hardcore, post-hardcore, math metal, djent, black metal, death metal, grindcore, nu-metal, rapcore, hip-hop, rap, dubstep, drum and bass and many many others.

We work with more than 200 concert clubs and places for any type of event.

SLIME MUSIC offers you:

  • The organization of concerts and parties;
  • The organization of tours in Russia, CIS and Europe;
  • Booking, VIAS help, flights and travel, accommodation;
  • PR, advertising, media, support activities;
  • Photoshoot;
  • Shooting video clips or concerts;
  • Cooperate with a recording studio, a tattoo parlor and web studio.


We worked with such artists and bands like:

  • Caliban (Germany)
  • Omaha Bitch (France)
  • Black Bomb A (France)
  • Emil Bulls (Germany)
  • Smash Hit Combo (France)
  • ActiVites (Sweden)
  • Anal Cunt (USA)
  • Infest (France)
  • HOPE (Poland)
  • .SPOUT (Austria)
  • Overhype (Czech)
  • Dagara (France)
  • Faust Again (Poland)
  • All the shelters (France)
  • Hopes die last (Italy)
  • It Came From Beneath (France)
  • Dagara (France)
  • Steeld (Switzerland)
  • Shake Well Before (Italy)
  • Ashowa (Norway)
  • Tess (France)
  • Jinjer (Ukraine)
  • It came from beneath (France)
  • Eradikal Insane (France)
  • Carousel 27 (Italy)
  • Infected rain (Moldova)
  • CRY EXCESS (Italy)
  • Burden is burning (Italy)
  • As mercy comes (Italy)
  • Guilty of reason (France)
  • The last shot of war (Belgium)
  • Of fire (Sweden)
  • Confessions of a traitor (UK)
  • Iodguara (Norway)
  • Uburen (Norway)
  • Brage (Norway)
  • Sipping (France)
  • Strained Nerve (Switzerland)
  • Art Against Agony (Germany)
  • Dekadent (Slovenia)
  • Shuffle (France)
  • Sharks in Your Mouth (Italy)
  • All Atlas Drowning (France)
  • Slander (Italy)
  • Insane (Hungary)
  • Resistance (Belgium)
  • Rise Of Doom (France)
  • The Earl Grey (France)
  • December (Japan)
  • Shake well before (Italy)
  • Noli me tangere (Italy)
  • Bloodshot Dawn (UK)
  • Tess (France)
  • etc..

Feel free to contact us and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.